The HAHRM Study: Homosexuality among Highly Religious Mormons

This is a longitudinal study that deals with issues of gay Mormons and their relationships. One hundred and fifty-six participants completed the first survey by May 2003 and 72 of those individuals and 18 new participants filled out the follow-up survey by May 2007 to make a total of 255 completed surveys and a total of 183 participants.

The following outline provides links to some reports from the initial results of this study. They will continue to be added to the site as they are completed. Those who participated or others are welcomed to provide feedback. These research reports may be modified in the future. Copies of the original surveys have been donated to the libraries at the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Weber State University, and The One Archive (Los Angeles).

Part I: Describing Data and Patterns

Introduction to the Study

  1. Genesis of the HAHRM Study
  2. Mormonism and Homosexuality: Three Examples
  3. Strugglers, Secliarists, & Moderates
  4. The HAHRM Data
  5. Basic Descriptive Information, Pt. 1: Religion, Sexuality, and Suicide Ideation
  6. Basic Descriptive Information, Pt. 2: Age, Gender, Education, Income, Marital Status & Children, Geographic Distribution
  7. Religious-Homosexuality Identity Scale

Literature Review

  1. LDS-Homosexual Identity and Social-Spiritual Needs(4)
  2. LDS Reparative Therapy Studies (4)
  3. Review of Eleven Mormon-Homosexual Studies


  1. Mental Health and Relationships of Mormon Homosexuals